Prepping for the Week of May 4, 2015 – Mother’s Day!

Wow!  The last few days have just flown by…  Lots of things going on…  Co-op, dance performance, museum visits, yard and house work…  Life gets so busy for us all!  We’ve done a lot of fun activities and learned a lot!  We completed some of our planned activities , but not all of them…  The beauty is that…  we can adapt and change our plans!  Since I have a tendency to be kind of ‘uptight,’ being flexible is often a challenge for me, but with kids I am improving…  hehe…  😉

One activity we ended up doing that wasn’t on the ‘original plan’ were Mini Alphabet and Number Books…


I am tickled with how they turned out…


We used some old scrap book paper, book rings, stickers, and crayons….


Look for a post about this activity soon!

Anyways, this coming Sunday is…  Mother’s Day!  I know we will be doing some fun Mother’s Day crafts in co-op this week…

Letter of the Week: Q
I plan to finish out the alphabet using the printables from Crayola’s Free Coloring Pages website.   Q is for… Queen…  Moms get to be Queen for a Day this weekend, right?  😉

Number of the Week: 13
I still want to get out our Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock and talk about the number 12 and telling time….  For the number 13, I plan to let the kids cover the number with stickers…  I think this simple #13 Printable from SheKnows will work.

We are still working on the pile of books we got during our last trip to the library…

  • From Seed to Sunflower by Dr. Gerald Legg
  • Let’s Recycle – by Anne L. Mackenzie
  • The Friendship Tree by Kathy Caple
  • Trees by Nicola Edwards
  • Who Will Plant a Tree by Jerry Pallotta

Mother’s Day Crafts
I have a bunch of ideas for this that are still gelling…  I feel a separate post coming on for these ideas….

  • ‘Lanterns’ – Using toilet paper rolls and LED tea lights, along with tissue paper and stickers, we are going to create ‘lanterns’ for Mother’s Day…  Mic found an old train conductor punch in the garage that will make “stars” for the light to escape from the cardboard roll…  I’m thinking I will need to get small paper plates to set the ‘lanterns’ on…
  • Upcycled vases using tissue paper and stickers
  • Tissue paper and/or coffee filter flowers… and maybe butterflies…  (Since we never got around to making the butterflies for Arbor Day…)
  • Air dry clay hand prints

I still want to do these activities we planned for last week…

Rain Sticks – I want to try these cool sensory bottles I found over at In Lieu of Preschool.  Check out their DIY Sensory Bottles: Rain Stick instructions.

Rain in a Jar – I also want to try this colorful activity from Teach Preschool.  Check out their post: Clouds in jars and on the table top too!  

So many exciting things to do!  Let the living and learning continue!

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