Mascot Update!

Hamiltina has been proudly representing Chansen Academy for nearly 3 weeks!  She is quite the character. She doesn’t sleep in her ‘hide hut,’ but rather makes her own little nest…  She will get the bedding piled up around herself to the point you can’t even see her!

She got a fresh clean cage tonight. Lala has been doing a great job making sure she always has food and water.

A few days ago, we ordered her a ball from Amazon. She is delighted with her new-found ‘freedom’ to run all over the house. It’s hilarious to watch her.

The kids are having a blast with our new mascot. Lala is still asking for a bunny, or a kitten, or whatever creature strikes her fancy any given day, but I’m guessing that desire will never be satiated. And perhaps we will eventually have one of everything…  I’m personally not in favor of any pets that need live food though…  😉 We will see what the future brings!  In the meantime, a hamster just ran by me… Life is fun!

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