14 Weeks… & An Ultrasound

We have hit a new milestone and crossed a bridge in this pregnancy – officially entering the second trimester!  Hooray!  We ‘celebrated’ by having our first ultrasound.  The pictures we got are awesome!  Probably the best ultrasound pics I have ever seen.

It was such a relief to see a tiny baby with all the appropriate parts.  The baby was very active, rolling, kicking its legs, and at one point even reached out and showed us its perfect, tiny hand.  The tech told Lala that the baby was waving at her.  Lala then proudly announced that the baby waved at her and she waved back.  🙂

The technology that makes this possible is just amazing.  The place we went is very family friendly, with a large, comfy viewing room and toys and little chairs for the kids.  They were able to run around a little and entertain themselves.  We did keep diverting their attention to the big screen where they could see the baby.  Lala was very interested in what was happening.  Tbear was mostly just playing, but at one point he ran past the screen, pointed at it, and said ‘baby.’  I’m glad he understood!

It took the tech a while to get the shot she wanted, but after some looking, having me turn on my side for a bit, and looking some more…  she finally got the picture she wanted…

I bought this outfit a couple of years ago to use as a baby gift and then decided I couldn’t part with it.  It looks like we will finally get to use it!

I am always a little skeptical until the baby arrives, but so far everything indicates…  It’s a girl!

Both kids got pink lollipops to celebrate and we followed up by getting ice cream from Cold Stone.  (Thanks to a dear friend for the gift card!)

Lala is over the moon!  She has a brother, so a sister was her request.  She was so excited to tell Gma when she called.  She is alternating between being a baby and being a mommy in her pretend play.

All in all, it was an awesome day.  Though there are never any guarantees in life, we received a lot of great news.  We are looking forward to meeting more milestones and crossing more bridges.  26 weeks to go!

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