Hurray for Tomatoes!

We finally got a few red tomatoes out of our garden!  Hurray!

The plants have been sitting with some beautiful green tomatoes on them for what seems like foreeeeever…  We also got some lovely peppers.  I smell a bowl of fresh salsa coming on!

Gma stopped by a few days ago for a short visit and was kind enough to bring us some produce from her AMAZING garden.  My mom is a dedicated gardener, always growing a huge variety of veggies and fruits, as well as prize winning irises.  She brought us some tomatoes and peppers, a huge bowl of cherry tomatoes that Mic and the kids devoured, cucumbers, and some plums.  Yum!  Lala found the bag of plums and started chomping them down.  She missed the cherry tomatoes though. Hehe

All this wonderful produce has me fired up to have an even better garden next year.  I know it’s a ways off, but I have discovered that things sneak up on me and I need to make my plans well in advance. We totally have to plant strawberries, cucumbers, and corn next year. Hmmm…  What other yummy things will we have?  Where is that seed catalog?  🙂 Here’s to fresh tomatoes and gardening dreams!

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