Things have been slow here at Chansen Academy for the last few months.  It’s been nearly a month since I posted anything on this blog…  🙁  I even have a couple of posts that are nearly done that have just been sitting…  In July and August, between the heat and early pregnancy malaise, my motivation level was pretty low.  So we were reading books, playing outside, and enjoying summer.

I started September with the best of intentions, but as the month progressed, I have been encountering challenges with distraction…  I know I want to homeschool my kids, but I still don’t have a clear vision of what I want that to look like.  How to make our life work financially while we homeschool also seems to be a nagging question.  Over the last few weeks, we have had several visitors, as well as cut-backs at Mic’s job and the possibility of going back to a full-time position for me.  This sort of distraction and uncertainty throws me for a loop and I lose focus and direction…  Fortunately, since the kids are young, this doesn’t negatively impact their education.  However, the time will come that losing focus could be disastrous.  How will I learn to stay on track?  I think for me the key will be visualizing the ‘big picture’ and keeping it in mind, despite the challenges that WILL arise.  There will always be a myriad of things to draw us away from our plans.  Clear, well-defined goals that we really want to achieve will help us stay on track.

So…  now to define those goals…  Mic and I have spent a fair amount of time discussing that lately.  We have decided that we really want to have property where the kids can roam and we can have a huge garden and lots of animals.  That is a huge priority for us.  In my mind’s eye, I can see a puppy, a goat, places to build things, and lots of dirt to dig in.  I need to carry that image in my mind and use it to guide my decisions on a daily basis.

In the past I’ve seen ‘dream’ or ‘future’ boards, where people put up images and other things that remind them of what they want to accomplish.  Posting these boards in a prominent place, where they will be seen often, helps people stay on track.  I need to make one!

Questions about jobs and kids remain and things will always pop up, so there will still be uncertainty and distraction as we move forward.    Knowing that homeschooling and having property are our priorities will help me stay focused on the things that need to be done.  Now to get organized and get busy!

What helps you stay on track and focused despite all the distractions that come your way?

15 Weeks… & ‘Another Girl’

As we venture through week 15 of this pregnancy, we are enjoying a “quiet” week.  After the excitement of hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, having the first ultrasound, and finding out the baby is a girl, nothing ‘earth-shattering’ is on the schedule this week…  hehe  I’m feeling a little bit better and perhaps slightly less tired.  I am actually glad for a little pregnancy “peace.”  Every ‘uneventful’ week that passes brings us closer to the healthy arrival of another member of our family.

Speaking of another… when we started telling people that Lala was getting her wish about the baby, the response was basically, “Yay!  Another girl.”  Which is exactly what you would hope to hear and how something like that would be phrased in English.  To hear it for the first time though made me chuckle…  “another” girl…  Sounds like I picked up a spare at the grocery store…   LOL!  Language is often amusing.

Mic also got his first comment related to our “violation” of the “rule” about only having two children, especially if you have a girl and a boy.  He was chatting with a work acquaintance and when the individual found out we were expecting again, his response was “Dude, you need to get a vasectomy.”  Mic assured him that we had planned to have another child, but I know this is just the first of many such comments.

As soon as Tbear was born, we started to be told that our family was “perfect” and “complete” and we were “done” since we had a boy and a girl.  Having children beyond that “acceptable” number leads to many and varied comments from friends and strangers alike.  Time to prepare myself…  I still don’t look ‘obviously’ pregnant, but that will be coming soon.

I recently read an awesome blog post about this: To the lady ashamed of being pregnant with her fourth at Tales From the Mommy Trenches.  (Link will open in new tab.)  It’s a great read!


Anyways, life is interesting and people are precious and perplexing.  🙂  We are enjoying our week and looking forward to meeting our baby.  “Another” 25 weeks to go…  😉