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Marvelous Mathematics!

I’m a math nerd…  I admit it proudly!  🙂  I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics.  I had planned to major in Civil Engineering, but it makes sense that I switched to math, since I took more math in high school than any other subject.  I know math is a scary subject for most people.  When people find out my major and that I have worked as a statistician for years, they usually get a look on their faces somewhere between revulsion and awe…  LOL!  I always joke that I try not to tell people about it at cocktail parties because they suddenly need to speak with someone on the other side of the room…  😉

Teaching math is a huge concern for many homeschoolers.  I’ve seen lots of threads about it and am amazed at the volume of different curriculums and methods that are out there for teaching and learning.  I’ve seen comments from radical unschoolers that the only ‘subject’ they do ‘every day’ is math.  Why math is so scary would fill-up a whole post of its own, heck…  probably an entire doctoral thesis or two.

So I have decided to track down all the resources I can to help make math less painful for homeschoolers.  Math should be fun, not onerous!  My goal is to write a post every Monday with resources, ideas, comments, suggestions, anything that might be helpful for teaching and learning math.  I am also going to create a resource page on this site, just for math ‘stuff.’

Here is the beginning (links below will open in new tabs):

Math-related TV Shows

  • Peg + Cat – PBS & streaming on Netflix
  • Monster Math Squad – streaming on Netflix

Curriculum Lists and Reviews

‘Fun’ Math Books

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Interesting Articles

Hopefully these will get you started!  Check back next week for more resources and information!