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4th of July Weekend Adventures!

Mic got a four day weekend over the 4th of July, so we had some time to have a few adventures!  In addition to errands (we tried really hard to get a new dishwasher, but still haven’t succeeded…) and house cleaning, we had fun at a friend’s birthday party.  The party will be memorable for everyone because we were treated to a torrential downpour for over an hour while we huddled under a picnic pavilion and ate hot dogs.  🙂  The birthday girl was dancing though, so I think she had fun anyways!  We have been having a lot of afternoon thundershowers with some awesome lightning storms.  So exciting!  We are actually under flash flood watch right now.  The sky is grey, the wind is gusting, and I can hear distant thunder.  Such an amazing ‘show!’  There have been some fires and flooding in various areas recently though, so the trade-off is not worth it…  🙁

Our neighbors hosted an awesome 4th of July BBQ and we had a little ‘block party’ with several of our neighbors to watch the fireworks.  Lala spent the entire show exclaiming ‘I like that one,’ every time another colorful flash exploded!  It was adorable and I think I spent more time watching the kids enjoy the fireworks than I did watching them myself… 😉

The hamster is settling in to the house and the kids are having a great time with ‘Hammy.’  It is amazing how fast she can run in her little wheel.  Mic wants to ‘clock her’ because it looks like she is going 150 mph!  🙂  She has figured out how to make herself quite the ‘nest’ for sleeping in and loves oat cereal circles.

All in all, it was a fun family weekend!  We stuck mostly close to home, avoiding the crowds and craziness.  We hope you had a great weekend too!  Happy 239th Birthday America!